lauren jauregui knows her worth on 'more than that': single review

captured by michael beckert

captured by michael beckert

on january 11, 2019 lauren jauregui released the second single from her upcoming debut album titled ‘more than that’. lauren premiered this song at the mtv election party, shocking fans with an r&b banger. ‘more than that’ is a sassy, sensual, and flirtatious tune similar to her 2016 collaboration with marian hill, ‘back to me.’

however, the vibe of the song wasn’t the only thing that had lauren’s fans shook. a few days before the song’s release, lauren revealed the single cover on twitter, which features a nude lauren laying among a field of flowers, flaunting the pose from the renaissance painting ‘the birth of venus.’ referencing this painting wasn’t just a random choice. in a livestream, lauren said that the mood of this song was influenced by the goddess aphrodite, who is often associated with beauty and romance. in fact, lauren confirmed that the theme of her album can be heavily tied back to greek mythology.

ties to the goddess aphrodite can be detected through the song’s flirtatious and mysterious nature. over a bass-heavy beat, lauren lays out the situation: she’s having a night out and someone captures her attention. she doesn’t approach him first, opting to hard to get throughout the song. this person attempts to woo her by bragging about their luxuries, but lauren responds saying “it’ll take more than that to get to me”. lauren seemingly gives into this person’s advances, but then immediately backs out, toying with them for her entertainment. she knows her worth, boldly stating “if i gave you a taste of what i do, just remember that i don’t belong to you” to the person attempting to court her.

if lauren’s first single ‘expectations’ showed the world her raw and emotional side, then ‘more than that’ is its inverse. ‘more than that’ perfectly captures the type of person lauren is: playful, mysterious, and sure of her self-worth. the lyrics, the chill vibe, and the heavy bass of ‘more than that’ is an instant mood booster that’s worth a listen.

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