by jennie nguyen

tri patterns is an indie pop trio out of indianapolis, indiana consisting of dawson freeman, nathan davis, and logan morrison. earlier this year, they released their debut ep, feels like color. i got to sit down with them and talk about their beginnings, band name, and how touring for the first time is going. 


how are you guys doing today?

dawson: doing great!

nathan: a little tired. 

dawson: just trying to bring life into this rainy day today.

nathan: it’ll be good. it’ll be a great show tonight.

tell me about how tri patterns came to be.

dawson: so nathan and i met in high school. we had the name and it was actually before logan even joined. we met sophomore year of high school in a band class and just started becoming friends. we met earlier, but really started becoming friends sophomore year. we decided to just experiment and didn’t really have any direction in mind or a band per say. i think we had a project for that.

nathan: we had to write a song!

dawson: we just paired up and it kind of just started from there. then we decided to jam some more and that it was really fun. we worked well together and just kind of clicked. through our church we met logan because we played on the band at church. we thought that he was a great drummer and had him on for one of our shows. he was great and we decided to have him stick around.

nathan: we were originally a two-piece. we had guitar, synths, and drum loops. it was a completely different vibe and logan completely changed the vibe overall.

how did you guys come up with the name, tri patterns?

dawson: there’s not really a huge meaning behind it at all. we were talking on the phone one day trying to decide on something to call ourselves since we had some content to put out there and we had a show we wanted to play. i just kind of thought of it. i think that if there is any meaning to it, it would be an interest in synths. 

are there any particular artists or bands that influence the sound that you guys have as a whole?

nathan: there is a very wide range of artists. i think as far as recent artists that are up and coming hippo campus is a big one,  vampire weekend. we love coin.

dawson: zac farro’s project (halfnoise)

nathan: we love paramore’s new album. i really love the police and talking heads. i think a lot of our songwriting comes from singer/songwriters stuff even though it doesn’t end up sounding like that from a writing standpoint. logan has a completely different background. we all play worship music and still do. we’re pretty all over the board. we love hip hop. logan drumming wise is influenced by zac farro from paramore and george daniel of the 1975.

logan: also a lot of pop punk stuff. i love the story so far and a lot of harder bands. i like really heavy hitting drums. i always strive for that huge reverb-y drum sound live at least. i have to say my biggest drum influence is darren king from mutemath. 

what is your favorite song to perform live?

logan and nathan: “let’s go”.

dawson: “simpler times”.

logan: “let’s go” is my favorite because it was my first song that i had a lot of say in the drum parts. all the other songs were written before i was in the band. i love all of our songs so much and it’s going to be hard when we come out with new music  and have to pick and choose what we play. 

dawson: i like “simpler times” because lyrically i wrote that song and it just means a lot to me. 

how has touring been? has it been everything you expected it to be?

nathan: i didn’t have any expectations. it’s been a little bit of a weird tour because it’s not a bunch of consecutive dates. it’s a lot of driving actually and its been great. we played such a wide range of shows. we opened for coast modern and we played a house show. we’ve grown a lot as friends and musically we’re having the most fun the most fun we’ve ever had.

what are you current go to songs?

nathan: saba’s new record.

logan: we listen to all of the stars by kendrick a lot. we listen to the black panther soundtrack a lot on the road. 

nathan: “flowers” by halfnoise.

lastly, what can fans expect to see from you guys this year?

dawson: hopefully more shows and going back to the studio in the fall. 

logan: we’re planning on going back to the studio and coming out with new music. we definitely are writing.

nathan: and a lot of funny instagram stories. 

check out their debut ep, feels like color below now.