The Longest Summer: A BROCKHAMPTON Trailer Review


by ainsley martinez

after completing the saturation trilogy, brockhampton have announced their fourth studio album- along with a documentary film, the longest summer in america. the film’s trailer follows the band’s career- from the group gaining momentum and signing with rca, to the emotional toll the band felt from sexual abuse allegations towards former member ameer vann. brockhampton, throughout everything, still achieves international success and shows the world that they are “the world’s greatest boyband”.

when brockhampton signed with rca after an enormous following from the saturation albums, member dom mclennon called it “a different kind of pressure”: they were now on a whole new platform. on march 30, when brockhampton signed, kevin abstract assured fans that the record label didn’t change their style or authenticity- it only allowed them have more representation for issues that matter to them. it has always been important to the group for the lgbtq+ community to have more of a presence in the hip-hop industry, and abstract expressed that signing with rca would help them push “this gay agenda”. this could be a topic brought up in the film, which shows at select theaters on 9/20.

“for the first time in my life we weren’t the only people who got it,” abstract said on getting signed.

but, this was only the beginning.

there’s a pause- the tone changes and the controversy with former member ameer vann is addressed. in may, ameer vann was was accused of sexual misconduct; he is no longer in brockhampton. the trailer depicts the struggles the group went through with losing a friend and being criticized.  However, the mood changes and there’s a feeling of hope and rebirth. after regrouping, brockhampton started recording at the iconic abbey roads studio- where they worked on their new album, iridescence.

earlier this summer,  brockhampton released three singles- “1999 wildfire”, “1998 truman” and “1997 diana”. iridescence is now out, and does not feature any of the previously released singles. it is the first album cover not to feature an image of vann.

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