by piper rosas

get ready to fly with this one.

the rock trio of nick wold, marc nelson, and jacob wick, together make up the american band, dreamers. they just released their newest ep fly following their release of launch in july. the tracklist of this new ep consists of several tracks that were already featured on launch; nevertheless, the entire album makes for a great & cohesive listen.

in “all washed out”, you can easily notice the heavy lyrics that are tearing into the songs but with the catchy tune, it’s almost hard to tell. “we've been drowning for so long” and “now I'm losing sleep 'cause I can't let go” are also telling the story of a failed relationship, which seems to be the common theme of this new ep. in the first song on the album, “the last love song” looks back on those failed relationships, “i see what i've been missing all along”, and explains how all the thoughts and feelings of the relationship are over and gone. really observing the lyrics gives a whole new perspective on the ep without even listening to the catchy tune and vibe of the songs, which is something that truly makes fly a brilliant record from top to toe.

the songs from this new ep easily bring the mesmerizing and sort-of psychedelic vibe that they were clearly aiming for. moreoer, you can easily tell they put a lot of time into this ep just by listening to it. with catchy guitar riffs and synth sounds, launch is easily a new favorite. they definitely did not disappoint with these new releases and listeners are loving the sound they are following.

following their success on the lost in translation tour with new politics and the wrecks, they announced their headlining tour in may. they are hitting the road with dates around the united states this fall. the lineup for this upcoming fall tour also includes weathers, morgxn, and rad horror.  

buy tickets to their upcoming headlining tour here: https://www.dreamersuniverse.com/tour