Song Review of EJ Hervey's "Insomniac Lullaby"

By Ashleigh Tain

EJ Hervey’s debut single “Insomniac Lullaby” paints a landscape of simplicity. As a minimalist, the intrigue of the music lies in the elusive and conceivable layers of acoustic instrumentals and gentle vocals. The opening lullaby of the guitar inflicts a trance of elevation only pausing to give dimension to the vocals. When joined by the crescendo of soft vocal harmony and a layer of cathartic piano, we are pulled into a warm sensation of enduring euphoria.


Following a narration of insomnia, we assume that this is a result of loss and heartbreak. The interlacing emotion hints at a tiresome unease and longing for something more than physical rest. The intention of the title creates a juxtaposition of a chronic inability to sleep and music that puts one to sleep. By the closing of the song, we have yet to discover which would triumph.

As a debut single,“Insomniac Lullaby” paves a beautiful pathway for the humbling sounds of Hervey’s future in music. With words, vocals, acoustics, and piano by Hervey, the craft of Insomniac is genuine and delicate. Every chords intention aims to enrich the chorus, and the redundancy and commodity of rhythms and beats feels every so faint. The beauty of Hervey’s debut resonates astoundment and anticipation for what is to come. To grant rest for the unrested is inquired and thus is achieved.

listen to "Insomniac lullaby" now available on soundcloud or find EJ hervey on instagram or twitter