smoke season tackle sexual fluidity in sultry new video for ‘sweetest thing’

by chelsea holecek

sultry, sexy, and seductive? you must be talking about smoke season’s music video for their latest single ‘sweetest thing’. the up-and-coming duo are promising—delivering a unique spin on an instantly classic, synth-pop hit. they’re defying stereotypes, allowing the video to explore the idea of sexual fluidity—a topic that’s becoming the new norm.

gabrielle wortman and jason rosen formed smoke season back in 2013 and climbed their way steadily to a hopeful breakthrough. their openness is what makes them so enthralling, a trait that’s hard to come by in the industry—some artists hide behind facades to gain momentum. 

with ‘sweetest thing,’ wortman and rosen tackle the concept of both femininity and masculinity, especially the idea of bisexual individuals being invalidated by societal norms. the indie-pop pair both identify as bisexual so naturally, the subject hits close to home. 

“bisexual people in general face a myriad of confusing erasures—with heteronormative culture often assuming we are gay for their same sex relationships but simultaneously being excluded from gay communities for our straight relationships,” the duo told billboard. 

you get glimpses of feminine quirks from rosen but then also masculine qualities from wortman throughout the video, normalizing the idea of sexual fluidity. “as people who embrace blurred lines between masculinity [and] femininity, sexual orientation and monogamy, we wanted the ‘sweetest thing’ music video to be an exploration into all types of sexual fluidity,” the la-based band says. 

attempting to squash the stereotypical discussion against bisexual community is a hard obstacle to overcome but the duo do it gracefully and with a stylish touch. choreographed, edited and directed by the lead singer of holychild, liz nistico, the video gives us an encouraging peek of what’s to come from this noteworthy pair.