bringing the heat: clairo and sg lewis’ new collaboration is perfect for your summer playlist

by ben guis

a love-child intro of the chainsmokers’ ‘paris’, and calvin harris’ ‘heatstroke’ greets you as soon as you turn on clairo and sg lewis’ new collaboration track, ‘better’. a warm summer tempo makes a quick downbeat twist into clairo’s cooing and brisk vocals. the song finds its rhythm fast, and keeps you entertained and intertwined with every move and beat of the track.

the curious feature that got me hooked here was the way the song created an environment unlike anything i’ve listened to. i’ve mentioned it in previous reviews, but this song created almost a physical change to how i felt. the way clairo’s tone resonates in the chorus, coupled with the piano-laced intro earlier, i felt a warmth. not a fuzzy, bright and happy warmth, more of a hot, sun baked warmth. i felt like i was at the beach, or in the car driving down the west coast. i was brought somewhere, and the ability to do that with sound is an astounding feat, and a promising direction for the rising artists.

the silky-smooth track comes as a sign of new direction for 19-year-old clairo’s career, following more lo-fi rooted tracks last year like ‘flaming hot cheetos’ or ‘pretty girl’ which propelled her into youtube-based fame. clairo now seems to have found a refined sound, a slick indie and underground front, with enough mainstream sound to hit the big time. with a continued sound along the likes of ‘better’, success should become less a goal, and more of a lifestyle for her in the future.