LANY By LANY: A Lookback, A Year On


words and photos by anissa dimilta



on june 30, 2017 "lANY" by LANY was released into the world. in case you’re not completely in tune with the hottest bands right now - LANY is the debut album of LANY. don’t worry, if you’re not sure who LANY is or what you’re missing out on, here is a quick history and dive right into the magic that is LANY.

LANY is a band comprised of three friends - les priest, jake goss, and paul klein. forming in 2014 in nashville, tennessee, LANY quickly became an online sensation. the guys recorded "hot lights" and "walk away" in just four days and uploaded them to soundcloud - such a difference to where they are at now! following the release of these two songs, "i loved you." and "make out" were released on june 9, 2015 and december 11, 2015, respectfully.

these were their two breakout ep’s. make out containing one of their biggest singles - “ilysb” (i love you so bad). their third ep - kinda - was released on june 24, 2016. after making their fans wait 371 days, they released new music and their debut album LANY. this was just the beginning of the rose era.

with the cover art of the album being a rose stencil, LANY’s fans quickly took advantage of the name play and called this era of LANY the rose era. LANY was the soundtrack of summer 2017 for some of us and for others it was the soundtrack for the next year - and still counting! they gave us unforgettable, danceable hits like "dumb stuff", "purple teeth", and - a personal favorite - "good girls". to compliment the incredibly, uplifting songs on the album there are also slower, more intimate, but equally amazing and special in their own way songs on the album including ‘13’, "hericane" and "tampa". no matter what mood you’re in, whether you’re having the greatest day of your life or you’re fighting your way through personal issues, this album molds to everyone. "ilysb" is undoubtedly one of the biggest hits off the album. klein got the inspiration after hearing a girl tell her sister that she ‘loves her so bad’. "ilysb" along with "super far" are the kind of pop-driven songs that make you want to drive around at three a.m with the windows down and a car full of your closest friends. let’s be honest, which song on the album doesn’t make you want to scream the lyrics?! whether it’s the chorus of "13", (where did we go wrong?/i know we started out alright. where did we go wrong?/i swear i knew we’d last this time) or even the voice recording of "parents", (oh my gosh, jake! i just saw that posting!)

blaring "good girls" through your speakers at midnight - exactly what i’m doing as i am writing this - was nothing compared to the energy these guys would bring to their live shows. from the energy and sick beats given off by jake and les to the insanely wild dance sessions from paul during "purple teeth" to the infamous ‘ilysb breath’, their energy never dulls. the rose era began in melbourne, australia in july of 2017 and carried the boys across america and europe. from playing 1,000 capacity venues to sold out arenas - their first arena shows - to playing the coachella mainstage and bonnaroo. no matter how big or small the venue, no matter how hype or boring the crowd, the energy radiating off the stage from les, jake, and paul was always extraordinary. the rose era ended in newport, united kingdom at isle of wight on june 24 with just as much enthusiasm as the first date nearly a year before.

as we reflect on their journey this year, we - sadly - have no exact date for the upcoming LANY album. what we do know is that the new era and possibly album title is: malibu nights and it is coming in july.

until then, don’t stop bringing your roses to the LANY shows, keep staying up late to talk about dumb stuff and always remember,


check out anissa's pictures of lany by clicking here, and make sure to give lany by lany a spin on spotify now.