The Catching


by emma kayachanian


very recently, emma was fortunate to have a long chat about music with the catching's lead singer and bassist, holden glazer. here's what they were able to get up to during then.


Alright, so I'll start off pretty basic. I know we talked about you guys a little bit, but how did you guys actually meet? I know you had mentioned you’re from New Jersey…

Yeah, we’re all from New Jersey, born and raised there. We met at this thing called School of Rock and it’s basically an after-school music program. You would do shows, you would take lessons, and in those shows, you would cover classic rock band songs or huge acts and stuff. And you just get to know each other and chill together; like find out what your instruments are. I literally only started on keyboard and then by the second time we did a show I was singing, and then by the third show I was playing bass, but I already met Jake and Evan at that point, so we were 10 years old by the time I met both of them. And then a couple years later, Drew joined, and then Jake introduced me to him. Jake and I were always going to be in a band, it was kinda just a running thing we had going on and obviously, it wasn’t serious because we weren’t even teenagers yet. We did perform a couple places but then once we hit high school, we realized we weren’t really athletic. We were like, “Hey we should be gigging. We should actually do this for real. Try it out.”

So we formed a band called Strong Soul, and I regret that name because it’s funny, you know. We played gigs in NJ for a year and a half and wrote original material. Eventually, our old guitarist left because he wanted to really focus on high school stuff, (obviously we were focusing  at the time too) but basically, because of that, Evan joined the band. And we knew Evan since we were really young, we just thought he was already in a band and then we found out that he wasn’t, and it was funny. Like we could have had him all along, but everything happens for a reason. We were all like 15 and 16, and then we changed the band name, recorded our first EP that’s not even out anymore, and that was the start of The Catching.

It's crazy that you guys are together and haven’t had any falling outs or large arguments, even after knowing each other for so long. It's cool that you guys have that relationship.

It is, it's awesome. It makes it more fun and you know, we’re working really hard and it would be really cool on most days. Like, some said “Oh my God, they're just these kids that went to School of Rock and they still like, eat pizza and play in a basement.” Literally. That’s just like what it was. But now, we work really hard and we treat what we do with such passion and professionalism. So it's a whole other world.

Yeah, and it's good that you guys started off so early...if you know what you're doing then it's obviously going to be easier for you.

Yeah. And if you know each other, it makes it easier. I think the music business is the hardest because it's always a learning process. That's literally the truth for every artist; every single huge act would say “I'm still learning what works and what doesn't.” I'm still learning...for this band, we've gone through multiple managers, we've gone through moments where we feel like we're on top of the world and moments where we're like: “when is this about to happen?”

You guys have established your own way, have you guys felt like your music has evolved in any way?


Oh, that's a great question. Yeah, the music has definitely grown as we've's just about experience. Like I've become such a better writer because I've written for other artists. You write the best songs that come from a personal level. And I think everyone in the band has also experienced more; we've refined our tastes and we're always getting into new music or old music that we haven't heard of before.

Totally off topic, but what's your favorite band right now?

It's always changing, I can't say that I ever have a favorite, but I've been really into this band called Badflower. They're really cool. I found them literally like a week and a half ago and I guess they're just kind of new and growing and they just have this total real rock vibe. Them, and this band called The Black Crowes (they’re a classic rock band, really good), and probably The 1975 is a consistent favorite of mine. Out of everyone in the band, I will say I'm the biggest fan of The 1975. Drew and Evan like them. And then Jake, he doesn't dislike them. He's just not as big of a fan of the rest of us.

You did mention a lot of rock bands. Would you categorize your guys’ sound into rock too? Or would it be like a mix of rock and other genres?

Yeah, probably a mix. Like, the thing about us is, you’ll go listen to what's out right now and you'll kind of pinpoint us as pop-y, but we’re not like that at all, to be honest. We are pretty rock, but not in the sense someone's like, “Oh my God, they’re screaming.” It's not at all like that, you know, I think we're a healthy mix of rock and pop and alternative kind of vibes,

I think our newer stuff is even more refined. That's about to come your way. There's one coming out, a single coming up Friday. We've had that song for like a year in our pocket dying to release it.

Is that the one you played last week?

We played it third last week. It's called “Get Even.” We love that song. We're really excited to put it out, but we've had it for a while and since then been able to write so many songs and just find the sound that really makes sense without actually trying to do it because, like I said, all these bands that are huge, they're the ones that just did it. They didn't go, “Okay, let's sound like this and let's do this.” They just did it. We've been working with our best friend on the EP, his name is Dylan and he works for the 5 Seconds of Summer producer John Feldmann. So we've been using his studio. It's pretty cool. But we've been working with Dylan, he's like our best friend from New Jersey that moved here at the same time, like all this crazy coincidental stuff went down and he was like, “we're going to make a rock record together.” And I was just like, “Yeah, we are.” So the music is recorded. I have to sing on it and then we got to mix it and I'm going to produce it and then we're gonna put it out at some point soon. And that's probably the simplest way to put it.

But it's also good that you guys can categorize, because there's so much new music that falls into so many different categories. It's like, a little bit of something for everyone's music tastes.


Yeah, my hope is that we can have longevity and so far we have had that. I mean, when you look at some of our fan base, it's definitely on the younger side, which is great because those are the people that actually really consume music. But we've had older people at our shows too, you know, we don't really care, we're not trying to get certain people there, we just want people to have fun and enjoy themselves. Because it's funny, if you go listen to what’s out, like I said, it's got more of a pop thing, but when you see us live, it's like, totally in your face, which I think is refreshing.

Yeah! And last week when I saw you play, you guys had crazy energy...I'm assuming that you guys probably draw energy from the crowd too, right?

Oh yeah. The crowd was good. I mean, we've played to 3000 people. We’ve played to one drunk guy at the bar. So we've learned to almost treat every show like there's a million people there. It was really intimate, which I enjoy. In terms of the energy, that's a big part of it for sure. And I'm glad you saw that. That's kinda the whole point. We practice that set every day and we're always changing it, but it's just become like, second nature. The hope is that the newer stuff, you'll get a little more sense of that energy when you listen to it.

And that's good because you guys do have really good stage presence and you can tell that you guys are really, really into it. So hopefully everyone else picks up on that too.

Yeah, I mean the answer for any band is touring, and everyone knows it. It's true. Just have the best live show, the best presence and just to like, totally dominate the stage. We've been given some great tours and platforms, you know. We want some more for sure, because that's how we met you. That's how we met a lot of our fans. Like, our entire Instagram following is from touring. We toured like crazy back in 2016; we were on the road for seven months straight. I wasn't even home, none of us were home for more than a week. So we put a lot of time into that. Then we switched management and didn't tour for a year and that was annoying because we knew it's important to tour. And then we just finally got back on the road a couple months ago, so that was really good. Playing shows is our favorite thing. It’s the best.

And what would you say about moving to LA? It was probably an experience, like moving across the country, but would you say that's opened the doors or facilitated the process in any way for you guys?

Oh yeah. In many, many, many ways. I mean, that was a huge thing for us, you know. Honestly, I didn't know it was really happening until it was happening. Last year we were on tour. We were meeting up with some people we knew from LA for lunch and some of our families came to visit because they missed us and wanted to see us. So, my family was like, I think we want to move to LA and I was just like, Really? Like you all want to go? Because it was kind of in the cards for the band and I wanted to go, but there was a lot to figure out before. This was 2016, by the way. So, 2017 rolled around, my family said we're definitely moving and I was happy about that, because it's good to have them near. The band and I basically said, “Yeah, we got to come here. What is there more to do in New Jersey?” It's a great place and I don't regret living there ever, but I love it here in LA so much. My family and I actually moved here first before the band moved here, so I had to go back to Jersey a lot to work with the band before they moved out here, and when I was here by myself, I met a lot of people. I met a lot of musicians, writers, producers, business people. I just networked like crazy and now there's a circle of people that I know and wrote for and produced for. I just learned so much.

And so by the time the band got here, I already had a little circle of connections and from then, we've been expanding on that ever since they got here because it's a lot easier when they're all here and I can go, “Hey, this is my project right here,” versus me going, “Oh, I'm in a band but they’re not here.” But living here has made a world of a difference. We can go play somewhere or just go out anywhere and meet these people that have such huge connections. A lot of people think there's a lot of competition, but honestly, we haven't felt it because out of all of our friends, there's not a single band. It’s all like pop artists or folk artists or rappers. No one's a band.

Yeah. And I think there's definitely a different kind of intimacy in having the band thanjust doing stuff on your own. And your family moving to LA, and them being so supportive probably was a bigger incentive for you to keep pushing forward.

Oh, for sure. It's just so awesome. They gave me a way to get out here and it's really nice. It’s really nice to know that we have a family here, because my band loves my family, just like I love their families. It's good to know that we do have someone here that supports us like that. It's always really cool and the move here was just like the best thing.


How long are you guys going to be on the road right now?

The first show is on the 10th of August. We're doing like a week-long West Coast run with this band called Ann Arbor and it's going to be dope. And then we're looking to tour for like, the entire fall, but nothing is announced yet because we're still lining things up with the bands that we're going to open for, as well as some headlines. So, we're kind of doing a mix of in the fall. We're doing July 10th to the 15th, like Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Anaheim kind of thing. It should be pretty rad. I'm excited about that.

You guys have probably headlined your own shows before, right?

Yeah, we’ve had a couple. We've never done a headlining tour. So this will be our first; it's going to be one of those things where some shows would be amazing and pack the place and some shows there won't be a lot of people, but we honestly know that you kinda have to grind a little bit. It's fun. Every band that I've liked did that. And I think it's time we did too.

I'll give you an example because I always tell people this story. There’s a band called LANY, you probably know them. They're pretty big now. I discovered them when they had a thousand followers in 2014. I met them. I talked to them literally not knowing they were gonna go far at all. I thought they were really cool, but they were playing to like 15 people. They did that for another year and then they signed a record deal and before I knew it, they had so many fans and they were headlining tours at like places that pack 2,000 people.

Yeah, I remember when they toured with Halsey too. I was really, really into them at the time. And then they played Coachella this year, which is pretty cool, because I was there and I got to see that!

That's crazy!  I saw them at a barbecue place in Austin, Texas. I thought they were cool. I thought they sounded good. They looked really cool and I was just like, “Dang, I'm gonna follow this band.” And they just over time got huge and now they're playing huge places and I wanna tour with them so bad. You know what I mean? I want our band opening for them. It would be sick. I've seen them now at a big show. I went and saw them at the Wiltern in LA, packed out for 3,500 people. Like going from 15 to 3,500, that's just crazy. But they grinded, they played to small crowds for a long time. They did that. And we’ve played our fair share of shows too. We have grinded for sure, but I think it's time we do our headlining thing, even if it's good and bad some nights. And it's kind of never bad because we love getting on stage; that opportunity is so sick.

You guys will have the experience and you never know who can show up, so maybe you'll meet someone super beneficial to you guys on this tour.

Absolutely. That's why you gotta play your heart out every time. You never know who’s in the room. You could be playing to one guy, and that one guy can be the person that you needed. So, that's kinda how you have to treat every show. I've watched bands get all bummed out from the lack of people and you can't do that. I understand where that feeling comes from. Like, “Dang, I'm about to really work hard and not for many people.” But you learn something from every show. I can say we’ve only had three shows that I thought were like, not good, and the funniest part is, those shows have motivated us to play an insane show and then the next show, it’s always insane. That's what ends up happening.

It's good that you can make the best out of every night.

Yeah. Everything in this entire business is the learning process. If I was going to write a book about the music business, it would literally be called: The Music Business: A Learning Process. Literally. That's what I would call it. But we’ve played shows where the crowd was dead and then the next day we bring it so much that they're jumping on top of each other. The last time we played a show that I didn't like, our tech stuff was getting all messed up, a string broke so we had to cut up it early and we're just like, “Dang.” Luckily, it was kind of more of a local show in LA. It wasn't like a crazy show, but it was one of the things we go through like, “Nope, that wasn't good.” And the next show we got the room swaying. It's always one of those things. You motivate yourself to do better because you know what you're capable of. That's kind of what it is.

But in the future, is touring a major plan for you guys?

Yeah, I mean as a band you're always going to be touring at some point. I want a tour like crazy because being studio is easy. Making the music isn't easy, but being in there, it's like an easy thing to do. You can do it wherever. I can do it in my bedroom. I've made music in my bedroom a lot. I still do. I was doing it right before I called you. So that's easy for us and on the musician side of things, we're all pretty talented. Evan and Jay can play guitar like crazy. I'm a multi-instrumentalist. I played piano, bass, guitar, and sing. And Drew is like, a ridiculous drummer.

So in the studio, it's really easy for us to just strut our stuff and show off a little bit. But then touring, unless you go out yourself or you get lucky that a band supports you and wants you to come out, it's kinda hard to make live shows count. Because we did the local show thing in New Jersey for years. And we had fun shows, you have to play shows as a band no matter what. But the touring thing, it makes so much of a difference in your career.

Yeah, and again, not the same but I've met so many bands through the small shows I've done and it does open doors.

Yeah, for sure. I think networking is extremely important. It's all about networking. In terms of our motivation, I mean yeah, if you're trying for a long time and you see no response, I can see why people might be a little upset. But I feel like this era right now is like, the beginning of the next chapter. Leaving our old management only like a month ago, it was kind of turning a new leaf. We felt like we got our band back, to be honest. And we're making music that we want to, that we feel really passionate about, that we wrote here in LA when we all moved here.


It's been pretty awesome and we feel like this is a turning point and we just know that we got to be on the road, so we've been working every connection. We're trying to go out with the band we went out with in May, Vinyl Theatre.

Maybe sometime in the future you'll be opening up for LANY!

That's our hope. We're just gonna keep making music, reaching the right people, strutting our stuff, bringing it in our live shows, and doing what we love.

Yeah, seeing you guys being so genuine, and actually seeing how like, down to earth you guys are, I feel like it's going to go really well, and I'm not just saying that because I'm on the phone with you.

Thank you. I appreciate it, that means a lot, for real. Any positive comment is always helpful no matter what. I definitely believe your sincerity, for sure. Awesome! Yeah, we feel good about it. We just know that we've been able to work with crowds so when we're put in front of them for real, we can kind of turn a crowd around; just that's the whole goal.

And you can't really do anything if you don't pour everything into it.

Yeah, for sure, for sure. You gotta give it your all.

make sure to check to the catching's discography available on spotify now, and them on tour with ann arbor starting on the 10th of august.