Song Review Of The Forum's "Dive"


by anissa dimilta

photos by jacob mckay

In the midst of their first ever southeast us tour Gainesville band, The Forum – composed of Michael Higgins (vocals/guitar), Nick Wheeler (guitar/synth), Jacob Farrell (bass), and Alex Klausner(drums) – released their newest single “dive”.


Following the release of their sophomore EP Illuminate in 2017, they definitely didn’t disappoint with this much anticipated single. The song leads with a soft, slow synth which is quickly joined by the uplifting beat of the drums. From the rhythmic guitar to catchy chorus this song is the very definition of a “soundtrack for the summer”. Higgins’ dynamic, edgy, Hozier-like tone only adds to the rawness.

The vibe transcends as the song continues. With easy to learn lyrics and a danceable beat, The Forum has certainly released one of their most infectious singles. The slow synth that leads the single off returns near the end, but instead of ending the song, it is met with a powerful build of the drums which marks one of the greatest moments in the song.


It’s no doubt that Higgins, Wheeler, Farrell, and Klausner have undeniable chemistry. It’s present in both their live performances and studio releases. so Even after seeing The Forum live four times, my excitement only builds knowing when I’ll be able to be in their mesmerizing presence yet again!

See if these guys are coming to a city near you by checking out their social media: @theforummusic.