Knox Hamilton


by ky kasselman

photo by connor north

brothers boots and cobo copeland as well as their close friend drew buffington have most certainly been on a musical roll lately. with their recent singles "video sunshine" and "trade my trips" are indie pop delicacies to be savored, and as such, it was a must to get into their mind and learn more about the band themselves. here's what we got up to with them.


Your new singles "Video Sunshine" and "Trade My Trips" are pretty different from your debut album. How do these reflect your growth as musicians over the past couple years?

Yeah, we’re evolving as a band in the sense that we don’t really care what genre or category people put us in. We just want to write songs that we love and want to listen to.

You're about to embark on a national tour - what are you most excited about?

We’re excited to see all of our friends. We’re not really a huge band so we’re able to really get to know our “familton.” 

What's in store for you guys as far as new music the rest of the year?


We will be putting out a couple more songs for the Beach Boy EP and then just keep saturating the market with Knox hamilton tunes. People are going to get so sick of us. 

Was there a defining moment when you decided to pursue music? What made Knox Hamilton the project you pursued?

It just kind of happened. When Work it Out came out and people started to like it we were just like, “Let’s be a real band.”

Knox Hamilton is the only project any of us have ever pursued. We’re monogamous. 

What's your favorite lyric you've written and what's your favorite song to perform?

Favorite lyric: I don’t want to get used to not having you around. 

Favorite song to play: Tie between Beach Boy and Sight for Sore Eyes!

Listening culture has shifted so much over the past couple years with the rise of streaming. As an artist, how is this beneficial? Does this have any negative effects on how you thought your musical journey would play out?

Honestly, we just go with the flow. Which is probably not the best business model but we don’t really care about the logistics side of it. We’re just thrilled anyone is listening! 

listen to knox hamilton now on spotify.