electricity in the air: sir sly concert review

by stephen whiting


few bands excel at delivering music that is both personal and hopeful quite as well as sir sly. composed of band members landon jacobs (vocalist/guitarist), jason suwito (keyboard/bass), and hayden coplen (drums). i had the pleasure of witnessing the trio in the packed parish venue located in austin, texas. lines of fans, young and old, lined the walls of the small venue eager to see the band paying no mind to the heat enveloping the audience.

sir sly hit the stage beginning with a fast paced new song called “pressure” met by cheers from the already sweaty audience. a pulsing brain illuminated the band from behind as they played, later landon would explain that it was a touching tribute to his mother who had recently passed away from brain cancer.


the band included fan favorites such as the haunting “gold” and the unrepentant “altar” paying respects to old and new discography. jacobs was a leaf in a hurricane whirling about the stage with relentless fervor adding to the swirling groove of bass and guitar. cresting to a halt, jacobs spoke a few words about the band’s return to the stage thanking the fans, saying “this music saved my life, i don’t know what i would have done without it, or without you” which was then followed by the tearful “oh mama”. coplen and suwito held their own adding to the sonic landscape with dark synths and infectious drum lines in songs such as “2am” before closing the show out with the electrifying “high”.

rather than run from pain, sir sly faces it head on. jacob bares his soul in his lyrics giving hope to those struggling to keep darkness at bay. backed by an impressive visual display, sir sly makes the most of their small catalogue and turns it into a live show that is breathtaking but, most importantly, healing.