VICTORS interview: on "slow down" and their creative process

by emma kayachanian

Hailing from Leeds, indie pop four-piece VICTORS return with their new single, ‘Slow Down’, which dropped on June 1st. They have reached over 1.3 million streams on debut single ‘Tonight’, support from Clash and BBC Radio 1, and played on This Morning and Hollyoaks, the quartet’s upbeat synth pop anthems are being appreciated world-wide.

First off, How did you guys meet and go about becoming a band?

It all started in late 2015 when Harry (vocals) and Simon (Guitar) met using online ads. They then found Dom (Bass) in the same way. After a year, we ended up needing a new drummer and Matty (Drums) was a friend of Dom’s, he joined almost instantly and the rest is history. 


Did you guys see music as something big in your futures when you became a band?

We all started this band with the intention of it going somewhere. We deliberately didn’t go to university to pursue it no matter how difficult it might be. I don’t think any of us can picture us doing anything else!

Knowing that there is a big influence from Prince, The XX, and Two Door Cinema Club in you music, how would you guys go about describing your music to people who are just finding out about you?

I guess we would describe it as a combination of Pop, Indie and Electronic with elements of 80’s synth pop and vibrant guitars. However the more we write and release, the more the sound evolves and matures which we think is how it should be. We definitely don’t want to be a ‘one trick pony’ kind of artist.

What does your new song mean? and what is it about?

People often keep things to themselves and let negative feelings and stress build up rather than talking about it and in doing so, make things ten times worse. Mental health is a massive issue that doesn’t get talked about often enough and ‘Slow Down’ is about taking a step back, realising you’re not alone and that everyone goes through crap. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

What is the creative process been like for you? has there been any major obstacles?

This particular song took a good few weeks to finish. We weren’t all 100% onboard with the initial idea but we knew there was something there to work with. After playing around with different keys and guitar parts, we eventually landed on the final sound. This was also the first time we had ever worked with a saxophone so that was interesting. We’ve never written a saxophone solo before but first time for everything! And with some great production on top of all that, we’re really happy with how it came out and we’re glad to see it’s being received really well so far.

Is there anyone you look up to who you’d want to have an opportunity to work with in the future?

Frank Ocean is one of our personal favourites, we love his work it’s so unconventional and in depth. And he’s just so damn cool. We’ve also started working with a producer called ‘Brierley’ so we may have some collaborations coming up in the future who knows. Go check out his stuff!

Any goals for the future? Where would you guys like to be within the next year?

We’ve never played outside of the UK before so one of our next goals is to go abroad. We have a lot of followers in the states and Taiwan so either of those places would be ideal.

Is there a tour coming anytime soon? Where would you guys ideally want to go?

We have a few different shows planned around the country and some festivals so far but not an actual tour. But hopefully soon! We are still waiting to hear what our plans are for the rest of the year so there’s more to be confirmed. Ideally we’d love to go to America, particularly LA and New York where we have the biggest following. That would be a dream come true.

stream slow down here.