Single Review: SIIGHTS' Got It


by kariann tan

SIIGHTS press 2 -1.jpg

Need a sexy, groovy track to spice up your warm days by the pool? Look no further, as the up-and-coming duo SIIGHTS (of Mia Fitz and and Toni Etherson) delivers “Got It”, a track that is most certainly bound to keep you grooving to the beat under the sun.

The track opens with a funky riff teasing you into the first verse of the song. A reverb swoops in to assist the riff, which lends its hand to the upbeat atmosphere that the song as a whole exudes perfectly. Toni Etherson hits the vocal mark on the get go. The production is glitzy, and the layering builds on top of one another perfectly. You can most certainly tell that these girls know what they are doing, and they want you to know that.

Taking tips from the likes of DNCE and many 80s tropical pop influences, the chorus is what nails this track to a T. The lyrics aren’t inherently complex by any means, but is that something you really need when you’re cruising down the highway at a relatively fast pace? “Got It” is a confidence boosting track, and the chorus is the perfect example of that.

It’s insane for a relatively growing indie pop duo to really capture the funky sound to this certain calibre and remain consistent throughout the entirety of the track. It really makes you think what possibly could the band have in store for them in the future. Suffice to say, I’m holding out hope for these two girls and with this single, I have no doubt that they are on the track to achieving so much more.