The Pop Perfection of Nick Lopez' "Carousel"


Words by Stephen Whiting

Carefully honing his sound under titles such as songwriter and producer, Nick Lopez proves he’s ready to expand his artistic scope from beyond the shadows in his electric solo debut, “Carousel”.

Beginning with a steady hum of electric ambience and playful percussion, a scene is painted of two lovers in the midst of a back and forth conflict. A mysterious female vocal laments “You said I’m leavin” while Lopez wistfully sings “Break up on weekday, make up on weekend”.  Heartbreak avenue suddenly takes a detour into a kaleidoscope of sound as the chorus is released into an ebullient climax of pulsating bass and vibrant drum patterns. Caught in a carousel of frustration, Lopez’ vocals reflect the ebb and flow of the relationship as he sings “You’re the first to go and I’m the last to leave”.

In the age of digital witnesses, it’s rare to find something truly authentic, which is where Lopez excels. I found myself pleasantly surprised with this release. Lopez makes music that can make you dance, but also music that is introspective, empathizing with the pain often found in repetitive relationship patterns. Well worth the wait, Lopez is setting a blueprint for pop successors by creating energetic pop that beats with an authentic heart.