The Great Expectations: A Hayley Kiyoko Show Review

Words and Photos by Summer Noel / May 3, 2018


In support of her debut album, I was lucky enough to find Hayley Kiyoko performing at the House Of Blues. And I'll be honest, her Thursday night’s Chicago stop on her tour sure did exceed the audience's expectations in the best way possible. 

As Allie X opened for her second show this particular night, the audience was treated to a large ensemble of feel-good synth-influenced tracks ("That's So Us", "Casanova"), glammed out outfits and a wig snatch. Being a truly significant moment, we can't help deny the fact that this was able to set the tone for the rest of the show. Glitz and glamor, she had it all.

A little while later, it was time for the main act, Kiyoko herself, to take the stage. Building up to her entrance was an on-screen montage of her past music videos which served as a gentle reminder of her beginnings. Instantly, in the heat of the moment, the lights dissipated. Ms. Kiyoko stepped out on the stage with the brightest amount of energy. The show is on.

Perhaps the surprise of the night would be the undergarments being thrown on stage. It’s definitely wouldn't be a Hayley Kiyoko concert for sure if that's the case. Fortunately, she shrugged it off as something of hilarity and beckoned everyone to an hour and a half's worth of euphoria. The first two songs of the night were from her most recent album, one song which features Kehlani. Some fan favorites were also played throughout the night, including “Girls Like Girls”, which was introduced with a little message about being queer and finding yourself.

During the concert, it was inevitable that the audience was drawn into the energy of the main act. Hearing “Let It Be” live was an experience, and as a casual fan of Kiyoko myself, it was hard not to mumble along to her performances throughout the entire evening.

As the show progressed, Kiyoko made sure to thank her fans with the calm reassurance that the room was a safe and inviting space. Emotions were running high, between herself and everyone else in the crowd. The House Of Blues was a dream of hers to accomplish, and the night as such was one to remember.