Song Review: MILKK's Secret's Out

Words by Ky Kasselman


MILKK is a self-proclaimed 'emo boy band' from Nashville, Tennessee. It consists of Pat Kiloran (vocals & keys), Jack Vondracheck (guitar), and John Ogleby (drums). The band released their first EP, Sad Girls, in March of this year. The band has returned with single "Secret’s Out", released on May 4, as their leading single for their new EP to be released in June.

The song opens with a repetitive synth beat that leads into Kiloran’s vocals to deliver a syncopated and powerful verse, followed by more 80s inspired synth in the background. Midway through the verse, Vondrachek’s guitar riffs add another element to the already catchy tune, giving the track more of a melodic foundation.

The chorus is anthemic and reminiscent of other synth-heavy alt-pop bands we all know and love such as LANY, joan, and The 1975. Ogleby’s drums give the song a driving force and a rhythm that will be stuck in your head for hours.

This song will be a crowd favorite at MILKK’s live shows as the chorus delivers lines that can be yelled with a room full of people experiencing the same nostalgic emotions that this song delivers, mainly “Now the secret’s out” and “It was just a dream.”

My personal favorite part of the song is the transition into the instrumental bridge with Ogleby’s drum delay and Vondrachek’s driving riffs that make me want to dance around. However, Kiloran brings the song back to earth with his final pre-chorus leading into one last chorus.

Give the song a listen now, and follow the band @wearemilkk to stay updated on their newest releases.