babyblu brings new dreamy bedroom pop ep, ‘3171’

by piper rosas

following the previously released 2786, 3171 is the second ep of babyblu's of 2018. wildly pervasive lyrics and tunes written by tampa artist babyblu, also known as dylan mcbrayer, brings out a new project for the second time this year. described at “bedroom pop,” this next ep brings a new era of versatile sound for the artist.

the ep begins with the song "hollow hold" that starts with a smooth verse that leads into a chorus that you can definitely dance to. the entire vibe of the ep, as well as the new era of music, introduces everyone to this song. the steady beat continues throughout the song with electronica-influenced sounds ending the track on a signficant note.

i’m feeling so hollow

even when you're holding me

take your time

i wouldn't waste a life with me

- hollow hold

the second song "idle" starts back with the steady beat and soothing lyrics. the electronic sounds reappear leading into the pre-chorus chorus of the song with a guitar riff in the middle of it all leading into the chorus. the mix of all the sounds further reveals to the listener of the ‘bedroom pop’ feel to the album, creating a sort of placid and dreamy feeling to the listener.

“idle in motion

idle in expression too”

- idle

the third song "dear to me" goes against the first two songs being more upbeat and buoyant. this is another song you can definitely dance your way to. the song starts calm and slowly transitions into the electronic chorus. this song is definitely one of the strongest songs lyrically on the ep.

“from the start the spaces between your fingers felt like home

truly a place to call my own someday

i'm trying not to forget to be here with you

cause when i tense up i find myself breaking in two”

- dear to me

we are then introduced to the the fourth song "new homes", featuring dbmk, that manages to bring another different sound to the ep itself. it opens with a bouncy intro with a steady pre-chorus all leading into the chorus. the electronic sounds continue throughout the entire ep. ‘new homes’ is more of an upbeat song on the ep that brings back that feeling of wanting to dance. this song would most definitely sound good live.

“cause most night i’ve been cutting out my tongue

but with every single breath you echo in my lungs”

- new homes

the fifth song "amber" is the last song on the ep that will wrap up the album as the last song the listeners listen to. another slow song, "amber" creates the dreamy, bedroom indie pop feeling that was apparent in the first song of the ep. it can be equated to a dreamy summer night spent under the stars with someone you love.

“i’m learning how to be everything you need

yea, maybe you’re the one i found you finally

it’s true because i can’t see a future without you by my side”

- amber

see, the thing about this is, not all of dylan’s music is simply ‘songs to dance to’ but he also tackles heavy topics relating to depression and much more throughout his music. as this is so, this ep is seamlessly able to navigate the the journey of life through many struggles and heartbreaks.

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