YouTube & The Influence Of Bands: A Caitiel Interview

Words by Kariann Tan

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Sometimes, it's nice to take a break away from the realms of the music industry. Whether it be due to constant communication with others to establish contacts, or the hassle that goes in between meeting the artists or listening to the music, sometimes it is a good idea to really look at it from an outsider or a fan's perspective, and see how such a complex concept like music has influenced others. 

In this case, I made it an effort to seek out those who have been directly influenced by this mode of art, and see how it has inspired them to go on their own creative journeys. As a result, I was able to sit down a long-time Paramore fan and growing Youtuber, Caitiel to see how that world has played out for her and how her inspirations have motivated her to pursue her passion.


Hey Caitiel! How are you doing?

i'm doing great, thank you!

that's awesome! that being said, tell me about the beginnings of your youtube career. Where did it begin? How did it begin? What inspired you?

so In 2008, My friend and I were inspired by Fred and Computer Nerd Zero One. My neighbor who is the same age me she loves them.  She was like we should start a youtube channel. That’s when I made my channel and we made so many videos. They never seen the light of day. It was 2014, I graduated from High School and I had no idea what I was going to do. I took six months off and I wanted to give this youtube thing a shot. I’ve been doing it properly for two years and it’s changed me so much.

what hardships do you have to face as a result of being a youtuber nowadays? 

You always want everything to do well and to be successful. It’s discouraging especially in the beginning because it’s impossible to grow. You don’t know who you are and what you do yet. You’re trying to break into the mold. It took me a year to get 100 subscribers.

Do you think it’s harder now to be a youtuber than before?

Back then you couldn’t get paid back then. I feel like there was no motivation because people didn’t think they could make it a job. Right now there’s a lot people trying to do it. A lot of people give up along the way because they aren’t making any money. It’s probably hard either way.

i get that. What motivates to keep posting these videos? 

It’s very strange because there was a lot of times where I stopped making videos. It was the passion and fun of it that kept me going. I know that if I keep going long enough, I’ll get there.

I noticed that you have a Hard Times Video Reaction by Paramore which garnered a lot of views. Were you excepting that sort of reaction?

That one was so funny because I had worked all day when that video came out. I got home at 6pm and I thought “This is going to be irrelevant” but I’ll do it anyways. It was my first reaction video and I remember checking at the gym, I had over 5,000 views within an hour. I was like what is happening.I had less than 300 subscribers at the time. Within two days it was at 35,000 views. I couldn’t believe it, I don’t know how it happened to this day.

Would you say there was surge of followers after that?

The shitty thing is I didn’t gain any subscribers at all. I didn’t even get 200 subscribers out of it. People don’t even subscribe. It’s really annoying to constantly saying it but when you look at the stats like that. People don’t do it and you have to be annoying in a way. I realized that this is something people like and I kept up with it.

Would you also say that the paramore community influence the way you make your videos?

I have had my twitter since 2011 and in 2012 was when I was in the paramore fandom. It’s kinda weird to say that I don’t make videos that they would except. I do whatever I want. I tweet it out that I’m uploading a video and people don’t watch or they do. Thankfully they all have basically jumped on board and support me. It makes me emotional and i cry all the time about it. It’s worth it, busting your ass for two years for it.  

fair enough! Do you have a certain idea when you make a video? Do you plan out your videos?

Honestly it’s both. I never used to plan out my videos but this year for 2018 my goals was to upload three videos a week. That forces me to write down, plan and find out my niche. I figured I should put music related things and things that I like. For some reason people like that. My bath bomb videos are the popular and I’m like why they are so boring and easy.

how would you describe your videos? is there a particular niche?

I think Sam said this the best when she promos me because she’s a great friend. She called me a lifestyle channel. I think that’s the only way you could call it because it’s a bunch of things. It’s everything all at once.

that being said, Do you see Youtube as a full time gig?

Right now I feel like I’m making it more of a priority. There’s a lot of things that I love. I’ve wanted to be in Bands. I want to do music at some point but they never worked out. Youtube is a stepping stone for people. If I focus on videos everything is possible after that. Music is a huge part of my life. There’s something about traveling and going to shows that I love so so much. It’s fun to be creative.

What are some things that you learned along the way? Is there anything that took you by surprise?

I love editing and I never took a class for it. I had teach myself to edit and make thumbnails. My family and friends noticed that I have gained confidence from that. That’s the best part that has come out of it.

Is it hard to create videos? Is it easy to you now at this point?

It’s hard physically because I have a lot of heavy equipment to lug around. It’s still awkward to film in public, sometime I don’t want to film anything. Who cares though? I’m living my best life having fun while doing it. It’s so horribly awkward and I drag my friends along who help me make feel better by doing it. I have the biggest stage fright out of anyone. A few months My friend came over and I was going to film and it was so awkward. I was so awkward during the video and it’s something I’m getting used to.

just to close things off, Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully happy and having fun. If I look at how far I come so far, My channel has been growing 10x. Hopefully it’s a pretty good place in five years. When I stop making videos it was a dark and depressing time. I think I will keep making videos. The more videos I make, the happier I get.

check out caitiel's youtube channel now.