Becky and the Birds’ New Track, ‘Concept Store’ Manages to Create its Own World

Words by Ben Guis

Becky and the Birds’ latest release, “Concept Store” proves to be a step in the right direction for the Swedish electro-pop artist, carrying what she knows best while focusing on what makes her different. The voice of Thea Gustafsson is pronounced and her own, hitting notes that could send other artists running.
The song is atmospheric and grandiose, a sexy and sultry intro into a primarily head-voiced chorus and set of verses paints a world of its own. Even now, listening to “Concept Store”, I keep starting over to re-listen to the intro. The vintage warble, paired with chirping birds, accomplishes a mental setting and time period for a song, a feeling I’ve rarely felt in music.


“Concept Store” follows a metaphorical approach to a possibly unstable or overthought relationship. You enter the concept store, and instantly your mind goes everywhere. “What could go wrong?” Everything. The busy and layered production and vocals are exactly what the theme of the song needed, and Becky and the Birds is exactly who needed this song. This is the direction of an artist, the path less traveled with more risks, and the route to a brighter future as a musician.