Sure Sure


Words by Sarah Tillet

From releasing their debut album, opening for Hippo Campus, to headlining their own tour, 2018 has definitely been Sure Sure’s year. Made up of of Chris Beachy (keyboard/vocals), Charlie Glick (guitar/vocals), Mike Coleman (producer), and Kevin Farzad (percussion), Sure Sure released their self-titled album early this year, receiving much well-deserved buzz. The album is filled with heartbreaking ballads such as “Information Machine” and uplifting jams such as “Koreatown,” taking listeners on an emotional rollercoaster. As that is so, I had the chance to talk with the quartet when they had a second to chat on their way to their next tour destination about their roots, LA food, and music favorites.

To start off, I know Charlie and Chris met at Stanford and Mike and Kevin joined later on, so did you guys get along at first? Was it easy to make music right off the bat, or did you have to get to know each other first?

CHARLIE: We got along super well the very first recording session, honestly. We all went down to the house that Mike was living in at the time and we recorded Okinawa, The Girls, High Dive, all of those early jams. Those were the first songs we ever made, and it was a blast. We were giggling the whole time.

That’s so nice! It’s good that you got along easily at first. I know you used to be called Jr, but then you changed to Sure Sure. Why did you change your name?

CHARLIE: Well, we changed it because of this band Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. changed their name to Jr. Jr., and we didn’t really want to be associated in that umbrella. So, then there was a long, painful period of trying to come up with the least shitty band name. And Sure Sure was the least shitty band name we could come up with.

How exactly did the name Sure Sure come along?

MIKE:  don’t even remember, that’s the honest truth. I remember where we were, we were sitting around the dining room table at our old place in Silverlake and that happened.

KEVIN: See, I thought we were at my apartment!

MIKE: Oh... yeah, we could’ve been.

I’m actually staying in Silverlake when I go to LA in July! Are there any cool places to eat there? I’m a foodie and I really want to find some good food.

KEVIN: Eat at Pine and Crane. The Black Cat is also good if you want a nice cocktail.

MIKE: Blossom is super good if you want pho. Porridge is really good if you’re looking for something healthy. Also, go to Guisados in Echo Park.

I’ll be sure to check those out! So, what song are you most proud of, lyrically and musically?

CHARLIE: That’s tough. Lyrically, it might be Giants, I just really like that song. The whole song happened so naturally.

Yeah that song’s great! What’s your favorite song to play live?

CHARLIE: Hands Up Head Down.

KEVIN: Giants is also really great live. People jump up and down which gets me goin’.

MIKE: Kevin loves to see people spit in the face of gravity just a little bit.

I can’t wait to hear Hands Up Head Down live! It’s gonna be really fun. So, what was touring with Hippo Campus like?

KEVIN: Touring with them was great. Because of them, we got to play in front of a bunch of people on a national scale, and because of that, we get to do what we’re doing now: having our own headlining tour. It was invaluable. Shout out to them for taking us on tour.

Yeah! I’ve seen them a few times, but they didn’t come to DC during the winter tour so I didn’t get to see you guys! But at least I am now. You guys mentioned on your website that you have an in-house studio; what are the pros and cons of having one?

MIKE: A pro is it’s free to make music!

KEVIN: Yeah, it’s free, and you can just be making tea and chilling in your slippers while making tunes. I can’t really ask for more than that. The only con that we’ve talked about before is that it’s hard to step away from making music, so you have to set boundaries, like 'I’m going to go outside now.'

CHRIS: It’s definitely easier to overwork a song.

So you’re basically constantly creating?

CHARLIE: Yeah, we’re constantly creating and we’re able to record all the time, but we found that the best thing we can do is to be recording five different songs at once. By focusing on one song in a home studio, you can kill it. It comes to a point where it’s just not fun to work on anymore. We have a few songs like that that have never seen the light of day because they’re just not fun to work on anymore, even though they’re smashes.

Apart from music, what’s it like living together?
MIKE: It’s great. I’m actually considering handing out awards like “Roommate of the Month,” but it’s just only ever going to be Charlie. He just goes above and beyond and excels as a roommate.

Wow, Charlie, you rule! So, what’s your favorite part of being a musician and being in a band?

KEVIN: I love being in the same field as Meghan Trainor.

Are you all about that bass?

KEVIN: I am.

MIKE: Kevin was actually thinking about getting a bass tattoo.

I fully support that.

CHARLIE: In all seriousness though, the whole journey. It’s all inseparable.

KEVIN: I like recording the most.

CHRIS: I think touring the best.

MIKE: Yeah, touring is crazy.

KEVIN: Touring is great, but sometimes I wonder if I’m going to be alive during it. With recording, I never question where I’m going to be alive.

Yeah, definitely! It seems pretty insane. Who are your main musical inspirations?

CHARLIE: Have you ever heard of Andy Shauf?

I haven’t. What should I check out?

CHARLIE: You’ve gotta listen to this album “The Party.” Just listen to it from beginning to end. It’s fucking awesome.

Okay, I’ll definitely do that! So, what are you trying to portray to people when they listen to your music? If someone was to listen to you for the first time, what would you want them to think?

KEVIN: I want them to draw their own conclusions. We just make what we like.

CHRIS: Honestly, the only thing I want is for someone to lose themselves for a second. I want them to be able to feel good or sad or something.

Totally! “Friends” really reminds me of late nights in DC and coming home on the metro. Whenever I listen to it, I think of the summer and how happy I was.

KEVIN: See, that’s the best possible outcome of listening to a song. When it attaches itself to a place in time, public transportation, a certain smell, or whatever it may be, that’s the best.

Exactly! Lastly, what exactly does the future have in store for Sure Sure?

KEVIN: We’re definitely gonna take a little time off and chill at home and just recover from the tour, but definitely record new music, too. We started a bunch of tunes after we toured with Hippo Campus, and they’re just cookin’. They’re just bouncing up and down in the hard drive. Vibrating.

*Kevin would also like to note that he does actually know how computers work.  Listen to their new album, “Sure Sure,” on Spotify now.