Ava Max Hits All the Right Notes in Debut Single, "My Way"

Words by Ben Guis

Previously featured on Le Youth’s ‘Clap Your Hands’, paired with vocoder, in a production-oriented EDM-pop cross-over, Ava Max seems to have found her own spot in pop music already with My Way’s pulsating rhythm and smooth delivery.

Opening with sultry vocals, Max grabs our attention in a conversational and reminiscent manner, cooing, “I know that you’re with me”. She takes us into the chorus, and suddenly she envelopes us with a low pulsating beat, and that’s all I needed. Suddenly I’m carried through soft harmonies and bellowing belts, synths and claps, and at 2:21 long, I am ready to play it again. Every replay brings another detail to light, and I realize this is the song I need right now. The edge on Max’s voice, paired with the mellow synths, everything about this song works together and fits like a puzzle, but sounds fresh and raw, like a natural treasure.

‘My Way’ works extraordinarily well as a debut single, highlighting all the features needed to stand out in today’s industry. Ava Max created a track that makes you feel empowered in a time where it is most needed, but also makes you want to dance and put your middle fingers up in the air, simply because you can. This is the kind of empowering, danceable song our generation needs right now, and it comes from the fresh and new look of a potential star.

Check out Ava Max's song now available on Spotify.