the band camino: less than i do review

by kylee grimwood

the band camino is no stranger to the art of a breakup song. in fact, their last few singles hold that common thread so tightly that it feels like each release has been an expansion on breakup, as time goes on. “fool of myself” places a lot of the blame on the other person not being open with themself. “daphne blue” admits that while the relationship might have had its failings, there’s still something magnetic between the two. “know me” comes to grips with the reality that the relationship might have never been what it was thought to be.

next in the story comes “less than i do”, a catchy synth driven bop that has similar instrumental elements to “fool of myself”, which makes the musical narrative feel like it’s coming full circle. the band camino experiments with synthetic drums and vocoder synths to intro the bridge melody as the lead line, adding in their classic electric tone and bass walks to the background as support. there are a lot of layers and building sections that make this song sound full, a direct contrast to “daphne blue” and its full-tilt, punchy, in-your-face guitars.

lyrically, “less than i do” is melancholy, admitting defeat and relying on nuance to relay the complicated amalgamation of emotions that come with still caring someone even after the relationship has ended. while the verses include things like “don’t think that i can live without you” and “everyone i’ve asked about it has said you’re doing fine, i doubt it,” the chorus provides a well-wishing contrast, “i can only hope you feel blue less than i do.” it’s that kind of journal-entry lyricism that’s been bringing people in droves to listen to the band camino over the past few years, and i can only hope that they’ll continue to provide this space for us to sing and dance through our tears in the years to come.

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