The Faim Live in Los Angeles Review

by sara salamat

If the bands Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy had a child, it would definitely be The Faim. From highschool jam sessions to touring the globe, I spoke with Sam Tye from The Faim, an Australian based alternative-pop rock band before their show here in Los Angeles at the Teragram Ballroom with Hands like Houses on life in the music scene, collaborations, and wrapping around the idea of touring the entire world.

I had the honor to see The Faim at the Teragram Ballroom in  Los Angeles, California. Samuel Tye (Guitar), Josh Raven (Vocals), and Stephen Beerkens (Bass/Keys). Starting off the show with My Heart Needs to Breathe, this band made a very good impression on the audience, having them dancing on their feet.

One moment that impressed me was their ability to remain in sync with each other even when things go wrong on stage. The guitarist, Sam Tye’s bass strap kept falling off one side of the bass guitar, and so Stephen Beerken hopped on over and strummed the notes on the Sam’s bass while he was pressing down notes on the bass guitar’s bar. This effortless assistance truly shows that they have been together for a long time and know how to work a stage.

Another insane moment was watching Bass/Key player Stephen Beerken hold up a keyboard over his head, and proceeded hold the keyboard as if it were a guitar -- let’s just say fans went crazy. This effortless trio is complete with Josh Raven who has vocals that resembles Brendon Urie’s, but has his own unique twist on it. I was blown away by his belted notes, and you could definitely feel the emotion there.

I’ve seen countless bands and artists, but I have never seen an opening act be as lively, as crowd engaging, and insync like The Faim. The Teragram Ballroom was about three quarters of the way filled up with maybe 275 people, (given that they were an opening act), but believe me when I tell you that band played their set like it was for an arena filled with over 20,000 people. The Faim truly exceeded my expectations and I really can’t wait for them to come back to Los Angeles because I will surely be buying a ticket to see this band again.

thinkpiecesSara Salamat