picture this releases electric music video for "one drink"

by ainsley martinez.

picture this continues to anticipate fans today with their new music video, “one drink”. the recently released single off their full length album, MDRN LV. the song, one drink, writes about a difficult breakup, and it was as electrifying as it was painful. the finishing product of the video was nothing less. while the spirited and agitated sounds of the guitar introduces the song, john hennessy’s distressed figure in the midst of energetic colors initiates the video. this combination of agony and liveliness creates the contradicting dynamic of a lackluster vibrancy.

hennessy sits in a bar confronted with the thoughts of his ex. the blue and red lights, along with the spontaneous and disorganized camera directions, mimic a carnival- which perfectly aligns with the rollercoaster of emotions he experiences throughout the video. as the bartender pours him a drink, he gulps it down in an attempt to forget about his past relationship. by a few drinks, the visuals become foggy and disoriented- his ex girlfriend lingering in the background. he becomes haunted by the memories of her, and continuously sees her in other women. the colorful pangs of the instruments and lively visuals beautifully intertwine in the last minute of the video. hennessy joins the rest of picture this on stage, seemingly accomplishing his motive to get over his ex. that is when the infamous ex girlfriend walks into the bar, and sits down to take a drink. as they make eye contact she walks out: showing that in every relationship there is pain on each side.

the music video is just one achievement for the band. in october, picture this sold out numerous shows in dublin- being a certified phenomenon in ireland. however, their success doesn’t stop there: they are scheduled to do the same this november and december in the U.S with sold out shows in new york city and los angeles. with new album, MDRN LV, and upcoming tour dates on the horizon- picture this has a lot in store.  

Check out the Music Video below: