first reactions to post malone


by amy paine


unlike most people i know, i actually haven’t listened to post malone yet. sure, i’ve heard “rockstar” once or twice, but i went into the research of this article mostly blind. also, i’m usually an indie pop person, so post malone’s music isn’t exactly within my normal tastes.

post malone’s newest release, “sunflower,” which features swae lee and appears on the spider-man: into the spider-verse soundtrack, marks the second collaboration between malone and lee. the song pertains to my music taste much more than the typical “rockstar.” the chorus could almost be something out of an indie song, and the beat isn’t as produced as many rap songs. i also found myself enjoying the intro a lot more than i thought i would. after a few listens, i genuinely found myself grooving to the chorus, which i didn’t expect.

as for lyrical content, “sunflower” tells the story of a largely one-sided relationship. swae lee and post malone seem to share one lyrical thread on this track, both speaking from the perspective of a man who cannot love his girlfriend the way she loves him. in post malone’s verse, he sums up the theme of the whole track, saying “every time i'm walkin' out, / i can hear you tellin' me to turn around.” this isn’t a wholly revolutionary lyrical theme, but it’s not bad at all. in my opinion, these lyrics outdo “why you got a 12 car garage / and you only got 6 cars?” by far.

however, my favorite post malone track so far has to be “better now.” the chorus stuck in my head for at least a full day after hearing it, and i was only slightly tired of it after that. although i’m still not sure about the frequent references to rap culture (henny, benzo, etc.), i can personally relate to the chorus. don’t tell my indie friends, but i might actually save “better now” to my playlist after this.

rap can be a hard genre to start listening to. it has such a specific culture and unique sound that it can seem intimidating at times. however, just because i’ll probably never be post malone’s biggest fan doesn’t mean i can’t enjoy his songs every now and then. i’d highly recommend giving a new genre/artist a try. even if you don’t find your new favorite song, it’s still extremely interesting to see what’s happening in other scenes.