conan gray's enchanting "crush culture" song review

by kylee grimwood.

in the past 3 years, conan gray has made the transition from being relatively popular youtuber, covering songs and posting videos about his high school experience, to getting signed to release his first ep, sunset season, under republic records. the accompanying coast-to-coast tour sold out nearly instantly.

his most recent single release,  “crush culture” is a dreamy and nostalgic pop anthem filled with gang vocals and a simple, compelling synth bass line that will have you sing/shouting along by the second listen. a self-professed “song for the loveless”, “crush culture” is filled with lyrics like ‘just let me be sad and lonely’ and ‘no one cares if you two made out’, which will appeal to anyone who might be feeling more disenchanted than romantic for this year’s cuffing season.

in addition to the single, conan posted a music video for ‘crush culture” that emphasizes just how fed-up he is with ‘the kissing cult’. watch it below.

with sunset season dropping in its entirety november 16th, we won’t have to wait very long to see where conan’s creativity takes him next.