little mix take control with ‘joan of arc’: song review

by ashley rana.

in preparation for their fifth studio album lm5, british girl group little mix released “joan of arc” to promote the preorder of the album. this is the first song they’ve put out since lead single “woman like me” featuring nicki minaj, and “joan of arc” is just as powerful.


“joan of arc” is an upbeat anthem about embracing sexuality, confidence, and self-efficacy. the song opens with leigh-anne talking herself up, lamenting that she loves herself so much she ‘puts her hands on herself’.’ after this, perrie shouts out historical icons like cleopatra and joan of arc before claiming ‘tonight it's only me that matters’. the song pauses after this, and a deep voice asks, “oh, you on that feminist tip?” and all four girls respond with, “hell yeah i am!”. the girls have no shame is accepting the feminist label, and immediately continue the song where it left off.

jesy takes over, singing about how she doesn’t need a man, but when she does love a man, it’s ultimately her choice. she also repeats the line ‘i put my own rock on my hand’ with growing intensity each time she sings the phrase, emphasizing the need for self reliance. jade make a bombastic entrance, asking for people to ‘make way for the goddess’ which is undeniably one of the stand out lines from the song.

‘joan of arc’ by little mix is the type of song that leaves the listener feeling empowered and energized during its three minutes and thirteen seconds running time. give the song a listen at the link below, you'll surely feel like a joan of arc by time it comes to a close.