scientists confirm little mix's album has shaken the universe


on november 16th, little mix dropped their fifth studio album, ‘LM5.’ little mix recently made headlines when they split from their label just days before the release of their album. leaving their label at such an untimely manner was risky to say the least, but the girls of little mix have never been ones for playing by the rules. this is evident in the theme of the album, which revolves around female empowerment, confidence, and supportive relationships, with each of the songs working in a cohesive manner to promote these messages.

little mix courtesy of simco limited

little mix courtesy of simco limited

the national manthem: the album opens with an acapella track that serves as the perfect introduction to the themes discussed throughout the album. little mix sound heavenly as they sing ‘she is a bad bitch, made up of magic, pray to the goddess.’ this introduction serves flawless vocals and harmonies, a gorgeous invitation to keep the listener engaged.

woman like me: featuring nicki minaj is the second song on the album, and it was released as the lead single back in october. this uptempo track acknowledges the way little mix break the typical female role, and because of this they wonder if their lover could ‘fall for a woman like me?’ little mix have never been ones to stick to the mold, and this bombastic track proves it.

think about us: a hypnotic love song that wonders if a love interest thinks about them when they aren’t around. the instrumental to “think about us” is reminiscent of songs by early 21st century music acts like destiny’s child, and this song does a great job living up to the standards set by the pioneer girl groups.

strip: the song featuring sharaya j is the perfect embodiment of little mix’s message of inclusivity and self-love. the lyrics of “strip” reference common insecurities women have, like stretch marks, weight, and little boobs, then encourages the listener to appreciate these aspects of their bodies. however, “strip” doesn’t limit itself to just body confidence; the song also talks about embracing sexuality and skin color, which the members of little mix have always been vocal about. the lyric ‘finally love me naked, sexiest when i’m confident’ is repeated several times throughout the song, driving home the message of becoming self-empowered.

monster: the haunting song is about a relationship that’s destructive, but neither of the people involved can let go. this ballad features some of the group’s best lyrics, like the evocative lines:  ‘every second we fall to fire below, it’s so beautiful, the hell that we both made for each other.’ this atmospheric track is one that demands to be heard, and rightfully so.

joan of arc: this positive and empowering anthem takes the sixth spot on the album and has quickly become a fan favorite. the song shouts out historical feminist icons like cleopatra and joan of arc as the girls talk themselves up in this braggadocious track. “joan of arc” features the lyric ‘i make myself feel sexy,’ which is the epitome of little mix’s message of self love.  

love a girl right: the 90s influenced song serves as a warning to all the boys who dare to cheat on their girlfriends. this track is sassy and guitar-driven, featuring lyrics like ‘but if i ever hear you mess this up, i’m comin’ after you.’ “love a girl right” is a certified bop that will have the listener hitting repeat before the final chorus ends.

american boy: the upbeat track is about an unreliable american heartbreaker. the girls express their insecurities about a man that they suspect is cheating with lyrics like ‘he breaks my heart, i know he thinks about her when he plays guitar.’ even though the lyrical content is full of despair, “american boy” has an island vibe that makes it impossible to stay still while listening to the track.

told you so: the message of this song is the opposite of what it seems. the theme of this song is friendship, specifically supporting a friend after a difficult breakup. little mix croon about the ways they’d comfort one another after a breakup, like talking about how this love interest ‘wasn’t the one.’ despite the support the girls provide for one another, they assure that they won’t be unsupportive by saying ‘i told you so.’ “told you so” expresses the importance of friendship, and it represents the understanding nature of female companionship.

wasabi: is a dark and experimental track that addresses the negative criticism the girls have received as a group. this song acknowledges the judgement the girls have endured based on their clothing choices, which is something they’re frequently condemned for. little mix respond to rumors about the fate of the group, singing ‘what the hell do you know?’ regarding the gossip of the girls breaking up or going solo. one of the stand-out lyrics from this song is ‘love to hate me, praise me, shame me, either way you talk about me’ which shows the growth and apathy the girls have developed toward negative media attention.

more than words: this track, featuring kamille is the eleventh song on the album, and it once again highlights the support the girls have gotten from each other throughout the years. the five girls alternate lines as if they’re talking to each other with lyrics like ‘always been there for me, now i’ll do the same, oh, i need you more than words can say.

motivate: a provocative love-letter to a romantic interest. this track is driven by a sexy, loud beat mixed with the soft vocals of the little mix girls. “motivate” is a fun, alluring track that begs to be put on repeat.

notice: the thirteenth song on the album, and it’s undoubtedly the sexiest song little mix has released to date. however, the lyrics reveal that the message of this song is quite the opposite, with the girls crooning, ‘so what’s the point of wearing nothing if you never notice?’ “notice” is a gorgeous song that’ll be relatable to anyone who’s ever felt like they were underappreciated by their partner.

the cure: the final song on the standard edition of the album is called “the cure,” and is undoubtedly the most stunning song on the album. this track expresses the need for making peace with the past in order to move on and find happiness. “the cure” features one of the most stunning lyrics on the album, in which jade sings, ‘the happiness was always inside me, but lord, it took a minute to find me.’ “the cure” is one of little mix’s best songs to date in terms of vocals, message and lyrics.

forget you not: is a mid-tempo, sultry song that laments a lost love. this track reveals to this ex-love interest that the girls haven’t forgotten the love that was once shared between them. “forget you not” is another example of a song that sounds happy, but the lyrical content is sad once the listener really engages with it. the bridge of “forget you not” features the heartbreaking lyric ‘now i’m passing people on the street, wishing they were you.’ this track is definitely one that stays true to its title by being unforgettable.

woman’s world: is a track that addresses the tribulations that women have faced throughout history, then begs for some sort of change. the lyric ‘if you never shouted to be heard, you ain’t lived in a woman’s world’ is powerful and relatable to the female experience because all women have encountered a situation where they’ve felt disadvantaged because of their gender.

the cure (stripped): is the acapella version of the earlier track, allowing little mix’s soaring vocals to be more noticeable than ever. this alternate version of “the cure” makes the track sound even more raw than before, and is worth a listen.

only you: the deluxe edition of the album closes with little mix’s collaboration with cheat codes called this dance track was released in the summer, and grieves the loss of a romantic relationship. the lyrics are dreamy and fairytale-like, opening with the breathtaking ‘dancing with your silhouette in the places that we met.’ even though this song wasn’t made for the album, it’s still a beautiful addition to the deluxe version.

LM5’ by little mix is an incredible blend of uptempo pop jams and raw, honest ballads with meaningful messages. every second of the album’s hour long running time is an ethereal experience, and deserves to be listened to in its entirety. this album exudes female empowerment and confidence, while also holding a variety of styles and lyrics that will appeal to a diverse crowd of listeners. ‘lm5’ is the group’s most ambitious effort yet, and it deserves every bit of attention it will receive.

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