enrapturing: olafur arnalds' re:member show review


by kariann tan

amidst the bitterly frosty weather on a late wednesday, i found solace in the unmistakably serene atmosphere that was brought about by olafur arnalds and co’s performance. it was a night not to be missed, an event that jointly brought together the audience’s love of ambient music and experimental instrumentals to life. the show ranged from a mistful of calmness to powerfully electric scenes that enraptured our attention and evoked a myriad of emotions from myself, unsurprisingly enough.


there were some quick troubling mishaps that occurred during the show however, an example being arnalds’ grand piano malfunctioning to an extent. thankfully, arnalds himself was quick to cover over the issue, painting himself as a witty figure as he humored the audience with his personal experiences of coming to america, and how situations like these were rare. instead of soliciting worry amongst the rest of us, it was the perfect time to get to know our multi-talented instrumentalist more beyond the notes of his passion.

and frankly, those were one of the shining moments of his performance for the rest of the night above all else. one stand out moment involved “beth’s theme”, a classic from his work on tv show broadchurch. i was fascinated by the intricacies of this performance and how intimate it felt, as if the track was speaking to us directly. everyone, from the drums to the violins, synergized with one another to form a beautiful sea of song and sound.

another highlight would have to be the lighting effects that perfectly accompanied each and every performance. a huge kudos must be given for that area, as i was left in awe over how significant these effects came into play with everything else. but what brought the crowd together was the encore - the haunting ode to arnalds’ grandmother, to which he dedicated his particular work to. the soft ballad left me with a feeling of nostalgia, something of which is hard to strike a chord on. he did just that, however, and as a result i still remain grateful.

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