in love, retro style: a "bad behavior" music review


soft, palatable colors decorate the entirety of the music video, directed by jeff vanags. everything about it seems almost too ethereal, something we so desperately crave in today’s modern society. the lyrics of the song is realistic in the context of love, of which i find very fascinating. welcome to the world of caroline grace.

for the next three minutes and forty four seconds, we are beckoned to luscious track emphasizing the power of today’s hook up culture. in spite of the harsh overtones that might come with the context behind the lyrics, the music video features something quite peaceful and serene, a beautiful juxtaposition of her masterfully crafted work. it feels as if we’re being transported back into the 80s, an ideal that seems rather preferable given the circumstances of our culture today.

it’s safe to say that the music video has made itself a wonderful accompaniment to the beautiful track that is worth listening to on a highway drive. to which i say, you must do.

along with the music video, caroline grace has also announced her tour dates that will begin in phoenix, az on the november 14th and end in la on november 17th. for more information, make sure to head onto

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