‘thank u, next’ a ballad of gratitude: song review


by ashley rana.

captured by jimmy marble for time magazine

captured by jimmy marble for time magazine


on november 3rd, ariana grande surprised her fans with the release of the lead single off her next album, both titled “thank u, next.” ariana had been teasing the song on twitter in the days following up to its premiere with the song dropping out of the blue on saturday night.

despite being a song about her exes, ariana remains classy and respectful throughout the song. in the first verse, ariana mentions four of her exes by name, and then she thanks them for the lessons they’ve taught her. ariana sings ‘one taught me love, one taught me patience, and one taught me pain’ as she recounts how her past romantic relationships have impacted her life.

after ariana thanks her exes, she focuses on her current relationship, which she deems the most important. ariana makes a nod to her reputation with the lyrics ‘i know they say i move on too fast’ which was a criticism she faced due to her relationship with pete davidson. the following lyrics make it seem like ariana is going to reveal a new romantic partner, but she instead says the person she’s been having ‘better discussions’ with is herself. she references the lyrics from the first verse, but changes them so they’re focused on her growth and her newfound ability to handle the heartache she’s been through.

ariana grande emphasizes the need for gratitude and self love after the end of a relationship in her new song “thank u, next.” the song has been taking the world by storm since its surprise release, and its projected to hit the #1 spot on the billboard hot 100 charts. for this banger about self-love, the success is well deserved.