by amanda elman

from jacksonville to nashville, andrews’ is the next rising indie-pop that you need to hear. we discuss his single “through the night”, greek literature and the idea of what’s in the future.

can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you?


hello, my name is michael cronin. i live in nashville, tennessee. i started in january of this year. i’m an artist by the name of andrews'. we just put out our first single, we got a couple more songs and shows coming out and stuff like that, but yeah, that's about it.

i know you're originally from jacksonville, when you moved do you think your sound changed or that its pretty much the same?

it definitely changed a lot. nothing against florida, i love it there, but not like a ton of music that really resonates with me. moving to nashville is a really big step for me as an artist, and a person as a whole. i think the music here is so vast and really like, i don't know, it's just a really good community for music up here. so it kinda inspired me to really step into what i think andrews' can be. i kind of just try to continue to kind of push the envelope with that and really plan ahead musically i think even like soundscape wise.

do you think nashville has a specific sound or is it more what each artist makes it?

yeah, i feel like i'm a lot like there's definitely like specific genres here that are doing a lot, which i think is cool.  it was like i consider myself like some sort of indie pop somewhat in there. but like yeah, there's a lot of like pop music, like i really, really love. and then i think there's definitely a lot of genres that i think start here, which is pretty cool and that's thanks to talented producers that live here. it's cool to see all these genres that are getting created and like people's basements and stuff, so it's kinda weird. but yeah, yeah, nashville's been really cool for me. i was coming up here a lot for work and just like writing and stuff, for probably a year and a half prior to like actually new in years actually. i've really enjoyed it so far.

how do you gain your inspiration for both lyrics and music besides your location?

i don't know, i feel like it's sort of storytelling but more in a kind of vague way and i like to… i'm like really taking something that's close to heart for me and kind of like breaking it down and i'm kind of making it a little bit more relatable across different kind of lyrical genres and stuff. i think soundscape, like i draw a ton from, like big sounding stuff. i'm almost like kind of ethereal, ambient stuff, like he could probably hear that like even within our, like first single that we just put out. i'm trying to pull it was probably put too much reverb on everything, but like i definitely think the new stuff we're making is a bit more like pop friendly. that's kind of the goal i think. and i'm really trying my best to kind of plan it that way. i kind of push the envelope every time writing and we have like so much, so many songs ready to get released, which i'm really excited about, like trying to put out a new songs and kind of new content, like a, like every two months or something like every six, eight weeks or something like that. so i've been playing these songs for so long and it's just exciting to actually have them or least now because it's felt like years in the making, but it's exciting to see, kind of come into fruition and be a real thing now. so yeah, hopefully that answered your question.

you've discussed releasing your music in parts, what inspired this?

a lot of people that are artists that are really have put out their projects into  kind of, i guess series. but the, the thing that i'm pulling from is like this bold ancient greek palindrome,  which i didn't really even know what a palindrome was until i looked it up. i did. i it through like the, like the name hannah, but that's, that's about it.  so like the, it's an old greek, like palindrome saying that was like really, like no one really knew what it meant for thousands of years and i found it in a book in jacksonville, florida and it kinda just kinda spoke to me and i was like, i'm just going to do this because i was looking for like months to find something that was consistent but not like stereotypical, like the seasons or something like that. no offense jon foreman and i love you so much. but  but yeah, please don't put that on there. so that kind of stuck. i, i was at a bookstore called champ, what is it? chamberlain's uptown or something like that in jacksonville and i found this book, it's called like a, i can't remember it. i'll text it to you when i find it, but yeah, there's old greek palindrome and i'm putting the the eps out in order that they, they thought they found it on the dscripes and stuff like that. so it's kinda cool. i think the actual record itself is probably going to be self titled, but the actual ep names are from the old square. then probably on the artwork, there's going to be kind of hidden kind of meanings and stuff when the record comes out. so right now the plan is to do,  like for eps or sorry, three eps in collection to the, like the actual full record, so there'll probably be october, probably five more songs on top of that. and then all those names kind of lead up into one thing. so it's kind of a weird vague thing then doing that i hope just kinda brings some sort of interest into what we're doing. so yeah, that's really cool.

i think that's a really creative way i'm putting out music because it keeps people interested and i think in an age with like fan engagement,  kind of cool to be constantly putting stuff out and have it, have a good idea.

i think i'm, yeah, i think for me that was just so where i have  we have so much catalog, like we probably have like 40, 50 songs ready to go and it's just kind driving me insane. so it was, it was a yes in a way to keep people engaged and  kind of constantly be releasing stuff. but also like hey, i feel really comfortable like releasing a shit ton of songs for the next year and a half or whatever. so, yeah, it was kind of a means to facilitate. what i'm trying to do, i think with, with andrews', so,  yeah, that, that system just worked well for, for, for what i'm trying to do. so yeah. yeah.

i've been loving through the night, can you tell us about that process of making it?

yeah, well, it's funny. like i said, i have a ton of songs right now like that we're working on. i don't remember the moment writing it, which is kind of weird for me, but i know for me the meaning is still kind of remain the same. i'm just like for me and i hope that it's kind of evident to the song sort of,  but yeah, it's really just about like, being really grateful for the people that stick, stick with you through hard times and through learning and becoming not who you're meant to be, but just like, you know, we all are learning and growing. sometimes people can be asses and then through that, and i think for me that song was like, at the time i remember during secret grateful for the people that i knew were going to stick with me,  whether i was, you know, in a super downtime in my life, or being an ass or whatever, probably in a different way. so the blog, but it's really just a song about, being super humbled and grateful for the people that are around you no matter what. i guess that's probably the best paraphrased way i could say it.

for that song you additionally released a lyric video to come out, which is has that vintage karaoke bar look, was that your idea or someone else's?

i worked with my buddy jacob cummings, shoutout disco club. he's a hermit that lives out in los angeles and he just moved out there, but right before he moves out there, i happened to be in jacksonville before he was left because he lives in jacksonville. and so there was this karaoke bar that is special to our hearts. a shout out to bose coral reefs thats in jax beach. but they do karaoke once a week and it's kinda like, so go to your place if you don't want to go to like the clubby vibe and in jax beach and  yeah, so he's a killer, videographer and i think he got this old camera that weighs 100 pounds from like goodwill or something. and yeah, we just, i'm really not nothing against other bands that do this, but i've never been a big fan of like artwork in the song or the audio and me too, i'm like, that's totally fine. but i wanted to do something a bit more creative. so we literally thought about it like probably like two nights before and it was more like a joke and i was like, let's just do it and have a way for people to listen to the song and a kind of a, i don't know, more lighthearted way i am. the songs that we were actually selling was a margaritaville and all star by smashmouth.

it's incredible.

yeah, the bar is very special to jacksonville beach. so yeah, i just happened to be down in florida and  he went before he was leaving and so we kind of made that video happen. and yeah, it's kind of interesting, but yeah, we just wanted to have kind of a lighthearted way of people who listen to the song.  and yeah, that's, that's it.

yeah. i definitely clicked on the video and it wasn't what i expected compared to other lyric videos!

exactly, yeah. i honestly don't really know man. i'm sorry. it's, i guess it's a lyric video, the lyrics are on there. but i definitely, like i was talking to a friend of mine the other day about like what he's asking, like what do you want andrews' to be like portrayed as or like, or for people to see it as and like, i don't know, i feel like i definitely like keeping the quirky kind of nature involved and just kind of keep it lighthearted even in the songs aren't necessarily completely. i think it kinda brings a cool atmosphere to the songs themselves. so know my, we've been talking about doing like funny, just funny videos for, for all the songs. i don't know, we'll find out, i'll find out two days before we release the next single in november.

where do you want to be a year from now?

i think for me, as an artist, i see myself still working with other artists as a musician a little bit. but my main goal is for andrews’ to be the main thing that i'm doing. it feels like it's kind of like around the corner. i just really want to like build a community of people that are stoked for the music. like i feel like i would be like, i always, i feel like if i were to die at the end of next year and i was playing shows for 50 people around the country that were like super excited about the music and it really meant something to them, i'd be happy too, but i’ve got to word that better. but i really want to create like a community of people that are really excited about the music and hopefully it means something to them. of pop music. but i feel like a lot of it is little, a little dry.  so i, i really want to like dig in and be like pretty vulnerable with my music and i hope people can see that. and i hope people can do that for themselves while listening. and just being a part of it really like look into, you know, their life and kind of be able to be expressive in that way. but i think like my goal as an artist would be so that really push into that and hopefully grow that next year so that we can tell a lot and i love playing live shows. so when to do that. also i just want to like release a ton of music. like that's kinda. yeah, i'm ready to like get it all out and that's the goal.