the score "the fear" song review

by piper rosas

cover image courtesy of the score on instagram.

just wrapping up their full tour across the us, new music from the score is happening— and it’s happening fast. the duo, consisting of eddie anthony and edan dover, just released a third single called ‘the fear’ following their previous releases of ‘stronger’ and ‘glory’ over the past couple of months.

shot by piper rosas. see our gallery of the score  here .

shot by piper rosas. see our gallery of the score here.

this indie pop band, formed only in 2015, have quickly gained over two million monthly listeners on spotify and thirty five million streams on song “unstoppable” from their debut album, atlas. their break followed the quick success of song “oh my love” after it was featured in a supermarket commercial. they were signed to republic records following their break, and have grown exponentially from there.

these new songs bring a new era of the score with them. ‘the fear’ is much stronger and louder than the last music they released. their progression from the first album brings so much more power to their lyrics. you can hear the improvement in the sounds and vocals from their previous releases, indicating nothing but improvement.

“fight the fear, rise up from the ground” the lyrics bring inspiration to the listeners that is a common theme in their music. they’re definitely a band to listen to when you need to find a little more motivation in your day. the catchy chorus and strong guitar bring life to the song and the transition from the bridge to the chorus is definitely something i’ll have stuck in my head for a few days— the catchy melody is intoxicating.

they definitely know how to put on a show, as i learned shooting their recent show in washington, d.c., playing at a smaller venue, dc9, which allowed for an intimate experience for fans. transitions from one song to the next were flawless and the executions of vocals of each and every songs was amazing. after two shows, i can definitively say i’ll be at the next one.

with all of these new singles, will a new album be on the horizon? only time will tell.