mercilessly enchanting: "how did i find you" song review

by kariann tan


As the cold begins to set in, NEIKED’s newest single “How Did I Find You” featuring up-and-coming artist Miriam Bryant steals summer back for three minutes, much to our delight. Bryant’s vocals mezmerizes right from the get-go, never slowing down to miss a beat within the oscillating notes. the drums are booming, the synths emerging in droves. the layering is impeccable. for what it’s worth, this is a track that we most certainly would find ourselves nodding our heads to whilst on the road. it doesn’t help that neiked infuses a scent of retro that is cleverly embedded within the track. perhaps it’s the reverbs that makes it all work.

the lyrics are reminiscent of young love, with phrases such as “we’re opposite, crazy but it makes sense”; these are phrases that seem so coherently nonsensical as we grow older, but in the moment, it doesn’t really matter.

check out the track now available on spotify and other streaming platforms.