Reputation: A Taylor Swift Show Review


by abby stanford.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour was nothing short of a grand spectacle. You could feel the electricity and excitement from the fans as soon as you walked into the stadium. I was lucky enough to attend one of the last two shows of the North American leg of the tour and Swift did not hold back. From the special guests to the choice of surprise songs, Swift made sure those who had flown across the country to see the US finale got a show from beginning to end.


The opening atmosphere with Charli XCX and Camila Cabello was exhilarating. The community of the audience seemed to smoothly unite and seek refuge in the exhilaration of the performances. Fans were adorned in costumes inspired by the lyrics of the album they had come to see live. People were meeting and reuniting with internet friends from all over the country. It was truly one big party.

As it came time for Swift to take the stage, there was a video montage showing her evolution as an artist, narrated by the voices of those who have attacked her “reputation.” It was the perfect intro to encapsulate the concept behind her latest album; one of channeling the hate and envy of others to evolve it into something more beautiful. She began her show with “Ready For It” complete with incredible and diligent choreography, perfectly timed smoke cues, and just overall an amazing production.


Everyone in the stadium was in for a treat when Swift surprised the crowd with Marren Morris. The two sang Marren’s hit collaboration song “The Middle”. Their performance was as fun as it was immersive, seeing the two perform together and creating a tangible sensation of delight in their chemistry.

Throughout the show’s progression, the vibe shifted from the tough side of the era to the softer side. It became less about Swift worrying about the fleeting opinions that littered her name and more about her community of fans and celebrating those who had always stood by her. I think this transition speaks highly of who Taylor Swift is as an artist and the current status of her career being more centered on the impacts she’s been able to create. The entire Reputation Stadium Tour has been fun to follow in the way it reflects how much Swift enjoys this age of her career.